Mexico Finca Santa Elena

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The "Routa del Cafe" is famous in the coffee region Soconusco in Chiapas. It's a winding way through the Sierra Madres near Tapachula linking lots of coffee plantations and fincas. At the end of the 19th century lots of European immigrants came and founded fincas in this region in order to start a new life with their families in Mexico. This made coffee a very important business in Soconusco.

One finca on the "Routa del Cafe" is Finca Santa Elena, It was founded at the beginning of the 20th century by Juan Bernstorff. The business started small but experienced a great over the years, Juan's son Everaldo grew up on the farm, learned from his father and continued the business. Now the third generation of the family cultivates coffee at Santa Elena.

At Santa Elena the wet processing is done directly after the picking. Therefore Santa Elena Is equipped with a large wet mill, which made the finca more independent. Moreover, Santa Elena is home for several families living and working at the finca. For these families the finca provides a cafeteria, a school and housing to provide them with better living and working conditions.

The farm specializes and plants 100% Arabica coffee. At a size of 280 ha and up to 1000m above the sea level the plants are growing under shade trees of different varieties. The tropical climate and a high level of rainfall in this area provide good conditions for the development of the coffee plants.