We roast coffee from single farms, estates and cooperatives. When we taste a coffee that we like, we want to know where it comes from and who grows, picks and processes it. Currently, we work closely with a farm in Tana Toraja and Flores Indonesia where we visit and speak to the farmers, learning more about the coffee they grow and process and the challenges that they face.  


We started roasting and retailing coffee in early 2014. From the start we roast in our cafe in Phileo Damansara P.J. just next to the bar counter, using a 1kg-Probatino drum roaster. Our aim is to source interesting coffees, roast them daily and encourage our customers to taste our coffee before buying them. The Probatino is placed openly in the cafe for customers to get a closer look to the roasting process. After few months of roasting operation in August 2014, we had to rent a bigger 5kg-Probatone and 6kg-Giesen from our friends realising that we have outgrown our 1kg machine. In April 2015, we finally managed to get our own 5kg-Probatone.

Probat has been manufacturing roasting machines for over 140 years. The company has extensive expertise and it’s passion for manufacturing first-class machinery form the foundations for what has made Probat roasters well known all over the world. Mirwan, our founder, visited Emmerich, Germany where Probat HQ is located and had a first hand of how the company works, visited their production line and experienced his first roast there.

We find that the Probatone help us retain the bright acidity of our roast and produce very consistent roast batch. Getting the very best out of any coffee is a continual process and we re-profile our roasts each time we buy a new coffee. You can find us from the address and map below. We look forward to meeting you soon! 

Opening Hours: 9am to 5pm 
(Closed on Weekends)

116, Block E, Phileo Damansara 1,
46530, Petaling Jaya,
Selangor D.E.,
Tel: +603-79325500
Email: speaktous@sprezzaturacoffee.com
Sprezzatura Sdn Bhd (1049240-A)