Drift Magazine - Volume 2: TOKYO

Drift Magazine - Volume 2: TOKYO


Volume 2: Tokyo.

Drift, Volume 2 traces a timeline of coffee in Tokyo from the past to the present, from high to low, and provides a snapshot of what it's like to drink coffee in one of the most dynamic and fascinating cities in the world.  

"For teenagers in Tokyo, Sundays aren't for sleeping in or lounging around in pyjamas. Sundays are when you don a hot-pink wig, put on a furry tail, tape a SpongeBob bandaid over your nose, wear your shortest, pleated skirt with rainbow-patterned tights, and carry a backpack shaped like a frog. Sundays off the Harajuku stop on the Yamanote line are for cosplay. They're also for coffee, since Harajuku has one of the highest densities of third wave shops in the city. So whether your plan is to stick close to Takeshita Dori, the touristy main drag, or wander deep into the side streets, take note that Harajuku on Sunday is a culture clash of serious coffee shops and the uninhibited teens you'll find in them"

  • 10 Wakon Yosai (Easter Spirit, Western Goods)
  • 14 The Life and Times of Kissaten
  • 20 Breakfast, Now and Then
  • 26 Not Only Nikkei
  • 32 Above and Below
  • 48 In Amber
  • 54 Reading Coffee Grinds in Murakami's Tokyo
  • 60 Through the Lens. Q&A: Hiroaki Fukuda
  • 66 Consensus Coffee
  • 72 Canned Coffee: A Man's World
  • 80 Pay To Play
  • 86 Angel Stain, Q&A: Katsu Tanaka of Bear Pond Espresso
  • 96 Bikes and Brews
  • 100 By Design
  • 110 Slow Brewing
  • 114 Masters at Clay
  • 118 Across the Pacific, Q&A: James Freeman of Blue Bottle Coffee
  • 126 A Matter of Taste
  • 130 Harajuku Sundays
  • 140 Guide: Tokyo's Best Macchiato 
  • 142 Dreams of Latte Art
  • 147 Coffee Recipes: Four Japanese Methods
  • 154 Appendix

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