El Salvador - Finca Los Pirineos

El Salvador - Finca Los Pirineos


Single Origin Finca Los Pirineos (Pacamara - Honey Processed), Tecapa-Chinameca, EL SALVADOR is owned by Gilberto Baraona family since 1890. Gilberto grows Pacamara, Typica and heirloom Bourbon (called Bourbon Elite) that was imported from Guatemala in the 19th century.

All cherries are selectively picked by hand. After de-pulping, the mucilage is removed with a pulper which is a centrifuge that removes the mucilage without any fermentation taking place. When the mucilage is removed ,the beans in it’s parchment are soaked in clean water over night.

After soaking the coffee is dried for about 12 -14 days on raised beds covered with shade while constantly being turned to ensure even drying. All processing and drying is executed at Gilberto’s mill. The coffee was stored and shipped in grain pro bags.


Coffee description:

  • Type: Arabica
  • Village: Tecapa-Chinameca
  • Botanical Variety: Pacamara
  • Processing Method: Honey
  • Producer: Gilberto Baraona
  • Growing Altitude: 1400m - 1480m 
  • Notes on hand drip (V60):  Raisins, peach, red grapes

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