Ethiopia Shakiso Kayon Mountain

We really just couldn’t help ourselves this year when it came to these
Kayon Mountain coffees. this companion lot is just as delightful,
flush with ripe grape and plum notes. Juicy and clean,
this is an elegant natural coffee with no shortage of sweetness,
and a resonant jasmine flavor presented with uncommon clarity.

Kayon Mountain Coffee Farm is itself a relatively new establishment
in the Guji region, near the border with Gedeb, in the vast Oromia state.
Established by local families who call the town of Shakiso their home,
the shareholders are no strangers to the coffee trade, having engaged
in the coffee auctions for over thirty years. Kayon Mountain was founded
in 2012, and has been venturing into direct exports for three years now.
Managed by Ismael Hassen Aredo, the establishment employs 25
full time workers and up to 300 people for seasonal help during the
peak of harvest. The farm is about 500 hectares in size – quite large – and
is about 50% planted with coffee, the rest being a mix of cabbage,
indigenous shade trees, and natural forest.

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