Indonesia Sulawesi - Toraja Pulu Pulu

Indonesia Sulawesi - Toraja Pulu Pulu


Single Origin Toraja Pulu Pulu, Sulawesi - INDONESIA, is located on Mount Sesean in the northen region of Toraja where it peaks at 2100 meter above sea level (masl). Pulu Pulu village ranges from 1600-1800 masl that is the highest coffee planting region in the whole of Toraja and similarly they’re run by individual families. This region is inaccesible by vehicle and so it makes it more difficult logisticaly carrying the coffee down from the village.


Coffee from Pulu Pulu is firstly picked and pulped to rid the cherry skin. Then it goes a dry fermentation for 24-36 hours before its washed to remove defects. After washing, coffee is placed on mat for sun-drying which takes a few days to bring down its moisture as well as creating a layer of parchment. The coffee will then be dry-hulled to remove the parchment and dried again to around 11-12% moisture.


Before 1990s, Typica was the common varietal in Sulawesi but leaf rust destroyed almost all of the trees resulting in P.T. Toarco Jaya to plant and distribute S795 to everyone. Now, most of the coffee produced in Tana Toraja and Toraja Utara is S795 (also known as S-Lini) variety, a Typica mutation hybrid. P.T. Toarco Jaya has greatly shaped the coffee quality and farmers' knowledge through accentuating price and quality relationship to the farmers and thus improving many lives here.  


This particular origin is part of FARM LEVEL series. We have been working closely and visiting our farmer each year since 2014. Our producer Christin is doing such a great job improving the quality through great care in fermenting, washing, drying, & sorting. She has built a greenhouse on top of single storey house to dry only highest quality coffee. You’ll be surprised at what Indonesian coffee can be. Please enjoy this coffee as much as we do!


Coffee is a fruit and this particular coffee from Pulu Pulu is the definition of fruity. We cupped it 8 hours after roasting which resulted in a mediocre result. However, after letting it rest for about a week, the flavour comes out in a rush. Full of fruit notes reminding of a mix fruit juice. It’s typical that high density coffee requires longer rest (higher altitude typically results in higher density coffee). Toraja Pulu Pulu will blow your mind day by day and rest after rest. Be patient in waiting and it will surprise you!


Coffee Description


  • Type: Arabica
  • Village: Pulu Pulu, Toraja Utara
  • Variety: S795
  • Process: Wet Process Dry Hulling
  • Altitude: 1600-1700 masl
  • Notes: Tangerine, Starfruit, Dark Cacao.

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