Kenya Murumi Murang'a - Kigumo

Kenya Murumi Murang'a - Kigumo


Kenya Coffee Board estimates over 75,000 smallholder farmers are involved in coffee production in Murang'a County. Farmers pick ripe cherries to be processed in centralised wet mills, where they pulp, ferment overnight, washed and sun dried in elevated tables.


Marumi mill was established in 1979 and today gathers 970 active members. Together with Iriguini and Mariira milss, this society has nearly 1,600 farmers registered. 




  • Origin: Kenya
  • Region: Kigumo, Murang'a County East of the Ab
  • Variety: SL28-70% and SL34-30%
  • Altitude: 1800masl
  • Processing: Fully Washed and Sundried on Elevated Beds
  • Notes on hand drip (V60): Lychee and herbal tea.

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