Specialty roasted coffee since 2013.

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Every cup you brew yourself or enjoy from our cafe will inspire you to taste better, be better, and do better. Our mission is to roast our coffee all within medium parameters, so no matter what coffee you buy from us, it is suitable to brew as filter coffee as well as espresso and you will enjoy a vibrant and juicy body with delicate tasting notes.

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Experience Is The Best Teacher

Our team of coffee experts collectively have more than 15 years of experience in sourcing green coffee, farm visits, roasting, cupping (professional coffee tasting), wholesale coffee supply, as well as brewing on both filter coffee and espresso drinks. We are always ready to serve you.


Tool Of Choice

Every coffee that we sell are roasted on Probat Coffee Roaster that is regarded as one of the best roasting machine manufacturer in the world. Our Probatino and Probatone 5 roasting machines are both manufactured in Germany and they allow for a very consistent roasts. It is something that we don't compromise.

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